How to build a support frame

Allow for the Track & Rail

It is important to always include an extra 30mm-35mm for the track and rail. Especially before you build the support frame. Whether you choose the 2000mm, 2200mm or 2400mm height options.

Consider the track and rail before you build a support frame

Lets build a support frame

In the following example, the height of the ceiling is 2300mm. In this scenario there are 3 options to choose from:

  1. Use our 2000mm sliding wardrobe doors. Allowing for the Track and Rail, the required height is 2030mm. A frame is required and end panels will need to be installed to cover the 270mm gap at the top.
  2. Use our 2200mm sliding wardrobe doors. The required height is 2230mm. Therefore, a piece of 70mm timber will need to be fixed to the ceiling prior to the track installation.
  3. Use our 2400mm sliding wardrobe doors. The doors will need to be cut to the required height. This will require no extra timber work and the doors will go from floor to ceiling. If the total height is 2300mm, the doors must be cut to 2270mm. This is to allow for the extra 30mm for the Track and Rail.

Lets dive further

To dive further into a framework example, we will go for 4 x 2000mm doors with a width of 650mm. We will need to build a frame as combined height taking into account the track and rail is 2030mm. We will need to reduce the total height by 270mm.

All measurements are important when it comes to constructing a framework. If the desired depth is 600mm then it is important to move the guideline to the front by 30-50mm. This allows for some extra space for the top track.

Once measured and marked it is time to cut two lengths of timber, to fit between the two walls. 2400mm in length for this example. It is of course possible to join two or more pieces of timber if they are shorter than the available opening width. 2”x 3” timber is perfect for building the framework.

Now it’s time to measure and cut the short timber pieces. Recommended distance between the short pieces is a maximum of 100cm (1000mm). For a 2400mm opening width, 4 pieces will be required.

The length of the short timber pieces will always depend on the gap that will be above the doors.

Using the screws, the next step would be to fix all of the short pieces to one long timber.

The framework should now be complete!