Frequently Asked Questions

Do your products come in kits?
No, all our products are sold separately/individually in single unit quantities. Please add to your basket number of required doors, as well as track and rail.

What is the height of the doors available in?
We offer standard 2000mm high doors, as well as 2400mm high doors.

Can the doors be cut down?
Yes, doors can be cut to the required height by cutting one or more wooden panels and side aluminium handles. You can use standard hand tools for this.

Do they come with instructions?
All doors come with a set of step by step instructions. Please check also our installation video.

What clearance do you need for the track and rail?
In order to fit a 2000mm high door you need to have a clear opening of 2030-2035mm. For 2400mm high doors you require 2430-2435mm total height.

Is the colour of the frame optional?
The colour of the aluminium frame is a standard silver.

Are they guaranteed?
All doors include a 12 month guarantee.

Are they easy to fit, do you fit them?
Anyone with basic DIY skills will be able to fit the doors without any trouble.

What material are the door panels made from?
The wardrobe doors are made from MDF with a high gloss finish.

Do your colours match like for like?
Colours may also vary throughout our products, we can’t guarantee 100% color accuracy especially matching white against white.