Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sliding wardrobe doors sold in kits?

No, all our doors and accessories are sold separately as single items. You will need to add the desired doors to the basket along with the required Track & Rail.

What is the height of the doors available in?

Doors come in 2000mm, 2200mm and 2400mm height options.

Can the doors be cut down to size?

Yes, all doors can be cut down to size. We always recommend the use of a hacksaw to do this. It’s always best to cut equal amounts from the top and bottom panels. This way, the doors will remain symmetrical. The cut edge does not need to be perfect as it will always be hidden by the aluminium frame.

Do all orders come with instructions?

All sliding wardrobe doors orders come with a step-by-step installation guide. The guide can also be found on our website alongside a installation video. Our technical team are also always on hand to help you with anything as and when required. Just give us a call or contact us through our website.

What clearance do you need for the track and rail?

Without cutting the doors down, 2030mm-2035mm is the perfect height for our 2000mm doors. We always recommend to take into account 30mm-35mm for the Track & Rail. 2230mm-2235mm for our 2200mm doors and 2430mm-2435mm for our 2400mm doors.

What is the colour of the door frame?

The frames are made from high quality brushed aluminium.

What is the guarantee?

All orders come with a 12 months guarantee.

How easy are the doors to fit?

Only basic DIY skills are required to fit our doors. Please our installation guide for a deep dive into the installation process.

What material are the panels made from?

All panels are made from MDF.

Do your colours match like for like?

We cannot guarantee 100% colour accuracy especially when matching white against white.