How to build a support frame if your doors are shorter than the available space

frame installation for sliding wardrobe doors

It is important to always include an extra 30mm-35mm for the track and rail when deciding on the height of the doors that you would like to install. Whether you choose the 2000mm, 2200mm or 2400mm height option. In the following example, the height of the ceiling is 2300mm. In this scenario there are 3 options to choose from. Option 1. Use our 2000mm high sliding wardrobe doors. The required height is 2030mm to allow for the track and rail installation. A frame would need to be built and a cover would need to be placed to cover the 270mm gap at the top. Option 2. Use our 2200 high […]

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How to cut the skirting board to install the wardrobe doors

It is likely that existing skirting boards and ceiling coving exists and sections may need to be removed to enable a framework to be fixed and sit flush with the walls. This article will give you tips for removing sections of skirting board and ceiling coving to enable a more flush finish whilst also enabling a more secure and professional result. Creating a framework when there is skirting and coving Before installing a set of sliding wardrobe doors it is important that the framework is correct. The installation of the framework will likely require the removal of small sections of skirting board without removing it from the wall and likewise […]

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Our new 2200mm high designer range

Sliding Wardrobe Doors 2200mm high

We’re excited at Shush Doors to bring to our customers our new range of sliding wardrobe doors. Our new 2200mm high sliding wardrobe doors offer a luxury design, bringing to the forefront a bigger white 60cm in height central section to the design. All whilst encompassing our uniquely quiet integrated rubber system. Perfect for adding that last spark to your dream room. All of our sliding wardrobe doors are available in two width options: 650mm and 950mm. We have many highly glossy colours to choose from and we’re already seeing many happy customers come forward with photographs and praises for the new sliding wardrobe doors.

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