Special Offers

One Free Bumper tape

When ordering two or more doors you will get one pack of bumper tape for free. Please do not add them to the basket, we will include them automatically with your order.

A self-adhesive bumper tape sold in 5 meters lengths to be applied to the edge of your end sliding wardrobe doors to ensure a cushioned close. One roll will cover one door (on both sides).

If you ordering more than 2 doors we would recommend you to buy extra bumper tapes accordingly to the number of doors.


Up to 35% off on selected doors

Wardrobe Sliding Doors from £49.95 per door


We offer a discount on our Solid Black and Maroon colour doors.

Discounted price for solid 650mm x 2000mm size doors is £49.95 (regular price £79.95)
For solid 950mm x 2000mm size doors is £69.95 (regular price £99.95)