Sliding Wardrobe Door Installation Guide

Each sliding wardrobe door pack comes complete with instructions. Installation tools required: Screwdriver / power drill, tape measure, hacksaw and knife (optionally: needle file and silicone with gun for mirrored doors).

Please note our mirrored sliding wardrobe doors have a different installation method, therefore fully read all instructions prior to installation.

This guide may vary as products are updated throughout each batch of orders.

Shush Doors will not be held responsible for any damages that occur from incorrect installation.


All you need is a few basic tools and you’re ready to go.


Carefully remove the door panels from the packaging.


Peel off the protective film from the door panels.
It can be clear, blue or other colour.


Remove the tracks from the packaging.


Remove the door frames from the packaging.


Inside you’ll find all the required parts for your wardrobe installation.


Lay the first door frame out on a soft floor surface to avoid scratching the panels or frame.


Push the bottom panel firmly into the frame and place the wheels into position at the bottom of the frame.


Slide all the remaining wooden panels and mid rails into position within the door frame

Tip: You may need to clean the surface around the holes inside the side bars using a small file, to allow panels easy to fit inside

Tip: If mid rails are too tight to connect with the panels, you can slightly cut the edge of the back panel with knife



Apply the screws to the side rails in order to secure the wooden panels



Silicone can be used to hold the mirrored panels securely in place



Place the wheels into position at the bottom of the frame



Screw the wheels into the pre-drilled holes in the frame; apply the bottom two screws only into wheel mechanism



Place the runners onto the top rail and screw in using the pre-drilled holes



Repeat this procedure for all the remaining doors


Now it’s time to lay the floor track



Carefully measure the length of track required and make sure the floor is level



Accurately cut the track to size



Secure the floor track by screwing into the holes provided



Measure the space available for fitting the ceiling track



Accurately measure and cut the ceiling track to size



Screw the ceiling track into the pelmet or ceiling. When fitting directly to the ceiling make sure that you get a good fixing into the joists



We recommend you fit bumper tape to both edges of each door to ensure a cushioned close. Simply, apply the adhesive backed bumper tape to the edges of your doors by peeling off the backing strip as shown here.



Now slot the top of the wardrobe door into the top track by pushing the spring loaded wheels inwards then lift the bottom of the door into the floor track



On the bottom wheels you can adjust the screw at the top of the mechanism in order change the height of the doors if required



The installation is now complete and the doors will glide with ease along the track