Track and Rail *XL* 2700mm


When ordering your doors, please order the track and rail as well, as they are sold separately.

Dimensions: 2700mm length (270cm / 2.7meters / 106.3″ / 8.8ft)
Pack: Contains: 1 x 2700mm top track, 1 x 2700mm bottom rail
Material: brushed aluminium frame
Colour: silver finish

We offer two lengths: 2700mm and 2000mm. If you opening width is 2000mm or less, please use our 2000mm track and rail.

For opening width of your wardrobe above 2700mm  you will need more that one set of tracks and rails, which must be joint together. For opening width above 2.7m you can combine both 2m and 2.7m tracks and rails (e.g. for opening width 4 meters you may use 2 sets of the track and rail 2 meters long. For 4.5 meters opening width, best option is 2m + 2.7m track and rail)

This item is only compatible with Shush Doors Ltd products, returns/warranty policies will be void upon usage with other manufactures products.

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