XXL Mirrored Light grey Wardrobe Door 650x2400mm


Dimensions: 650mm(w) x 2400mm(h)
Pack Contains: 4 x mirrored panels, 2 x solid colour panels, 1 x door frame, set of wheels and screws.
Material: high gloss finish top and bottom mdf panels, middle mirrored panels, brushed aluminium frame
Colour: light grey

Click here for more information about the doors and here for installation guide

Please note: items are sold in single unit quantities, above price is per door.
When ordering your doors, please don’t forget to order the track and rail here, as they are sold separately.
Doors will be delivered as a flat pack in boxes and tubes and are very easy to install. Please see the Installation page.

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Installation instructions for 2400mm high doors:

1. Measure your total height.
2. Take 30-35mm (1.20 inch) out your total height for the track and rail
3. If your remaining height is less than 2400mm (94.5 inch) you will be required to cut the panels and two side frames to adjust the door height. We recommend to cut top and bottom panels evenly to keep the door symmetrical.


1. Your total height from floor to the ceiling is 2300mm (230cm / 90.55 inch)
2. For the track and rail we will use 30-35mm, so remaining height would be: 2300 – 30 = 2270mm (227cm / 89.37 inch)
3. Difference between the height of the doors and our available height is: 2400 – 2270 = 130mm (13cm / 5.1 inch)
a. It means you require to shorten the door by 130mm. It’s recommended to cut 65mm of top and 65mm of bottom panels to keep the door symmetrical.
b. Side aluminium handles must be cut by 130mm using a hacksaw. Please keep cut end on the top, so it will not be visible.

Press here for more information about the doors and here for the complete installation guide