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It is very important to follow the installation instructions provided with each order. Installation guide will be attached in the envelope placed on one of the boxes.

Installation tools required – knife, screwdriver, tape measure, hacksaw and a power drill. Optional: needle file, silicone with gun.

Watch the demonstration video below or follow the simple step by step picture guide for easy installation.

Download manual in PDF

Picture guide version


Please note, this guide may vary as products are updated throughout each batch of orders.

Revision: due to an upgrade of our aluminium door frame, the adhesive tape will no longer be required when fitting a mirrored panel. The securing of the mirrored panels is now optional, should you wish to secure your mirrors please use silicone.

Track & rail installation

Our doors are 2000mm (Standard Range) and 2400mm (XXL Range) high. The total height however should be accordingly 2030-2035mm and 2430-2435mm to allow track & rail installation (extra 30-35mm).

Please line up track and rail from inside of your wardrobe for best result (red line).