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Step by Step Installation Guide

Each sliding wardrobe door pack comes complete with instructions. Installation tools required: Screwdriver, tape measure, hacksaw and a power drill.
Please note our mirrored sliding wardrobe doors have a different diy installation method, therefore fully read all instructions prior to installation.
Shush Doors will not be held responsible for any damages that occur from incorrect installation.
Also this guide may vary as products are updated throughout each batch of orders.

  • 1

    All you need is a few basic tools and you’re ready to go.

  • 2a

    Carefully remove the door panels from the packaging.

  • 2b

    Peel off the protective film from the door panels.

  • 3a

    Remove the tracks from the packaging.

  • 3b

    Remove the door frames from the packaging.

  • 4

    Inside you’ll find all the required parts for your wardrobe installation.

  • 5

    Lay the first door frame out on a soft floor surface to avoid scratching the panels or frame.

  • 6a

    Push the bottom panel firmly into the frame and place the wheels into position at the bottom of the frame.

  • 6b

  • 7

    Screw the wheels in to the pre-drilled holes in the frame; apply the bottom two screws only into wheel mechanism.

  • 8

    Apply the two screws into the side rails to secure the bottom wooden panel.
    DO NOT attempt to secure the mirrored panels using screws as this will result in shattering the mirror, silicone or adhesive tape must be used as shown later in the instructions.

  • 9

    Slide all the remaining wooden panels and mid rails into position within the door frame.

  • 10

    Once the top panel and rail are in position, place the runners onto the top rail and screw in using the pre-drilled holes.

  • 11

    Now apply the remaining screws to the side rails in order to secure the wooden panels.
    (REMINDER: Do not use screws to fix the mirrored panels in place).

  • 12a

    The securing of the mirrored panels is optional, should you wish to secure your mirrors please use silicone.
    (see pictures 12a and 12b for guidance)

  • 12b

  • 13

    Repeat this procedure for all the remaining doors.

  • 14

    Now it’s time to lay the floor track, carefully measure the length of track required and make sure the floor is level.

  • 15

    Accurately cut the track to size.

  • 16

    Secure the floor track by screwing into the holes provided.

  • 17

    Measure the space available for fitting the ceiling track.

  • 18

    Accurately measure and cut the ceiling track to size.

  • 19

    Screw the ceiling track into the pelmet or ceiling. When fitting directly to the ceiling make sure that you get a good fixing into the joists.

  • 20

    Next fit the soft closing system to the first of your two end doors. This item is an optional extra and does not come included, please go to our website to order this part.

  • 21

    Measure 5 3/4” (146mm) from the edge of the frame and mark with a pencil.

  • 22

    Then align the outside of the plastic block to your pencil mark as seen here.

  • 23

    Secure into the top of the frame using the screws provided.

  • 24a

    Now fit the metal bars for the soft closers to the back part of the track on each end. Slide into position flush to the wall and screw into the track as show here. Repeat this process on both ends of the track.

  • 24b

  • 25

    We recommend you fit bumper tape to both edges of each door to ensure a cushioned close. Simply, apply the adhesive backed bumper tape to the edges of your doors by peeling off the backing strip as shown here. This item is an optional extra and does not come included, please go to our website to order this part.

  • 26a

    Now slot the top of the wardrobe door into the top track by pushing the spring loaded wheels inwards then lift the bottom of the door into the floor track.

  • 26b

  • 26c

  • 27

    On the bottom wheels you can adjust the screw at the top of the mechanism in order change the height of the doors if required.

  • 28

    The installation is now complete and the doors will glide with ease along the track.


Shush Doors Ltd – The Quieter Slider
Shush Doors Ltd – The Quieter Slider
Shush Doors Ltd – The Quieter Slider
Shush Doors Ltd – The Quieter Slider
Shush Doors Ltd – The Quieter Slider