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Installation Guide

Each sliding wardrobe door pack comes complete with instructions and allen key.

Installation tools required – Screwdriver, tape measure, hacksaw and a power drill.

Watch the demonstration video below or follow the simple step by step picture guide for easy installation.

Click here for picture guide version

Please note, this guide may vary as products are updated throughout each batch of orders.

Revision: due to an upgrade of our aluminium door frame, the adhesive tape will no longer be required when fitting a mirrored panel. The securing of the mirrored panels is now optional, should you wish to secure your mirrors please use silicone.

Also please note due to the high gloss finish of our wardrobe door panels there is an extra heavy protective film on each and every panel, at times when removing this film a residue may be left behind this can be removed with a mild solvent cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Please note this is only to remove the residue, not to be used for regular cleaning.